Capital Markets

Through its Capital Markets division, Banca IMI provides specialised advisory services for the Financial Risk management to domestic and international companies, banks and financial institutions by offering tailor-made solutions to meet clients' needs.

Banca IMI is a key Italian player in brokerage operations in equity and fixed income markets and acts as a market maker for a broad range of cash and derivative instruments such as government bonds, equities, exchange rates, derivatives on commodities, and derivatives on equities and rates.
Through its sales teams in Milan and London and its subsidiary Banca IMI Securities Corp., a registered broker dealer headquartered in New York*, it provides widespread coverage of the Italian market, and has a significant presence in the international market.
Using Intesa Sanpaolo's research facilities, Banca IMI makes studies, analyses and reports available to its clients concerning the equity, government securities and corporate bond markets and emerging markets and exchange rates.

Banca IMI works together with Intesa Sanpaolo to offer integrated services for the settlement, custody and administration of securities.

Institutional clients

Banca IMI is a partner to its institutional clients and offers trading services in which it serves as a direct counterparty acting as market maker for government and corporate bonds, equities, structured products, forex and commodities and creates customised services for the dynamic management of financial risks.

Using its sales and trading teams, Banca IMI operates in financial markets and assists clients in their investment decisions. It is a specialist in Italian government securities and numerous equities, market maker for major European government bonds, a large number of Italian/European bonds and listed derivatives, and it is active in Forex and commodities markets.

Structuring teams propose customised solutions for the management of financial risks for clients, and provide products to optimise funding and capital requirements. Through the Credit Solutions Group, Banca IMI offers securitisation and conduit financing services, covered bond programmes and issues, and asset-based financing and credit risk transfer transactions. Banca IMI is able to structure customised investment solutions using proprietary quantitative strategies, enabling access to a vast array of underlying assets (from the more traditional such as equities and FX, to the more innovative such as hybrids and commodities).

Banca IMI's area dedicated to retail needs, assists banks and financial institutions in the hedging of structured issues, and offers its issuance programmes (EMTN, Certificates, domestic prospectuses) for investment products such as indexed and structured bonds and index-linked policies. Banca IMI is one of the leading issuers of covered warrants and certificates listed in the SeDeX market of Borsa Italiana, and when it takes on the role of market maker, it undertakes to continually provide buy and sell prices to enable investors to efficiently manage their investment.

Using the Market Hub platform, it offers a broad range of trading services (order collection, execution and settlement) to its institutional clients and offers integrated access to all major international regulated cash (equities and bonds) and derivative markets providing MiFiD-compliant dynamic best execution of orders.

Corporate Clients

The Corporate Sales team provides Financial Risk Management solutions to companies by offering access to the entire range of products for the management of rate, credit, FX, equity and commodities risk and for the management of the cash and financial liabilities of corporate clients.

Through its specialists in Milan and London and the subsidiary Banca IMI Securities Corp., a registered broker dealer headquartered in New York*, it offers clients sophisticated risk analysis and measurement tools, advisory services on the best practices of risk management, support for accounting rules for derivatives and research on the most appropriate hedging solutions for each balance sheet risk.

The team works closely with Intesa Sanpaolo's Corporate & Investment Banking Division, which has a solid leadership reputation in Italy and a strong, growing presence abroad. The Group's international network is spread over more than 30 countries and consists of 4 hubs (London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai), numerous branches, subsidiary banks and representative offices that focus on Corporate Banking and the cross-border business of local and multinational clients.


* Parties in the United States should contact Banca IMI Securities Corp. directly

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