With a presence in commodity markets since 2005, Banca IMI has become one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in Europe.

Access to key Over the Counter markets and and major Commodity Futures Exchanges (NYMEX, CBOT, ICE, LME, CME, EUREX, EURONEXT, LIFFE, IDEX, etc.) allows Banca IMI to offer a broad range of products as a function of the needs of its institutional and corporate clients.

A dedicated team of sales specialists in the Milan and London offices and in New York (through the subsidiary Banca IMI Securities Corp. a registered broker dealer headquartered in New York*) assists clients in the management of commodity risk by offering risk analysis and measurement services, advisory services in risk policy and hedging solutions for a broad array of underlying assets (such as power, gas, crude oil, coal, refined products, agricultural products and precious and industrial metals).

For institutional investors we offer investment products on commodity indices and market-making services for certificates and Italian, German and French ETCs and we maintain a leading role in market-making activities on the ETF, Plus and Sedex segments of Borsa Italiana and on Xetra and Euronext.

Banca IMI is also involved in precious metal hedging for Intesa Sanpaolo, and manages the activity of lending, selling and physically delivering gold lingots.




* Parties in the United States should contact Banca IMI Securities Corp. directly

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