Fixed Income

Banca IMI operates as a market maker in wholesale government securities markets in major countries in the Eurozone. It is a specialist in Italian government securities (BOT, BTP, BTPi, CCT and CTZ, and thus is in the group of banks selected by the Italian Ministry of Economics) and a Primary Dealer in the market of German, Greek and EFSF government securities.

Banca IMI is also a Primary Dealer on the MTS for Italian government securities and on the EuroMTS for benchmark European securities. It is a market maker on the BondVision and TradeWeb platforms for securities in the Eurozone and on the EuroTLX (a multilateral trading system with over 2,000 listed bond instruments).

For several years it has been a player in the European interest rate derivatives market, and it is able to offer a broad spectrum of products to its clients including caps, floors and swaptions along with more complex customised solutions for the management of typical balance sheet risks and for investment requirements. It is also active in the market of inflation-related products.

Banca IMI operates in the credit product market through market making activities (OTC and in electronic markets) on investment-grade, high-yield and structured securities, ABSs, Covered Bonds and Emerging Markets.

Sales teams specialising in various product categories in Milan and London and through the subsidiary Banca IMI Securities Corp., a registered broker dealer headquartered in New York*, assist institutional and corporate clients in managing the rate risk on assets and liabilites.

The Market Hub platform offers trading services for bonds and government securities listed in regulated MOT-EUROMOT markets (where it is consistently at the top of Assosim rankings) and on the MTF, Euro TLX, and OTC through the RetLots PIT platform.



* Parties in the United States should contact Banca IMI Securities Corp. directly

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