Banca IMI is one of the leading players in the international forex market, and it provides its clients with continual quotes under all market conditions on the main currencies (G10) and those of emerging markets.

The international presence of Intesa Sanpaolo with a network of branches and local subsidiary banks provides a local presence in 34 countries in support of all cross-border needs to both businesses and financial companies.

Banca IMI also offers a broad range of customised FX solutions in order to satisfy hedging requirements for trading activities and to optimise currency portfolios from the standpoint of assets (investments) and liabilities (loans).

The research produced by Intesa Sanpaolo's Research Department offers extensive coverage of markets and G20 and emerging countries.

Banca IMI has launched the distribution of the forex cash products through an electronic channel, contributing real-time prices/streaming to the mail multi dealers platform (Bloomberg, 360T, FXAII).

Text last update on: 26.07.2013 11:31