Investment Banking

The wealth of expertise and the track record achieved on the market means that Banca IMI can offer Italian and international clients original, innovative, integrated and tailor-made solutions, using Structured Finance, Advisory and Primary Markets products and services consistent with more sophisticated needs.

Banca IMI is noted for its significant presence in the Italian business world. The trusted 'House Bank' for numerous companies, it forges long-term collaborative relationships with its customers, thanks to the professionalism of its teams and its ability to offer effective and innovative solutions.

In particular:

- it is the Italian leader in equity placements* for both new issues (IPOs, capital increases) and existing placements (secondary placements) and is also able to provide listed companies with assistance in dealings with the community of investors and financial analysts (corporate broking services)

- it is market leader in Italy for new bond issues** (investment grade and high yield bonds) and hybrid instruments (convertible bonds) and also offers issuers rating advisory services

- it provides clients with consultancy services in the area of M&A and, more generally, in the advisory field by promoting, developing and executing mergers, acquisitions, disposals and restructurings.

In addition to its extensive distribution capacity in Italy, it has a sales force at the London branch and at its New York subsidiary Banca IMI Securities Corp.*** in order to guarantee global coverage of the markets.



* From 2000 to 2011: 54 IPOs totalling a value of over €13 billion; sources Banca IMI and Thomson Financials
** Year 2011: first bookrunner for Italian bonds transactions DCM League Table 2011 Thomson Financials
*** *** Parties in the United States should contact Banca IMI Securities Corp. directly

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