Primary Markets

Equity Capital Markets

Thanks to a highly professional service meeting the highest international standards, Banca IMI has always been a respected partner for businesses applying for listing or, if already listed, which need to satisfy particular financial requirements in relation to their capital.

Banca IMI meets one of the principal needs of client companies, namely growth and development through the raising of new capital, by focusing attention on their projects, sharing individual needs and providing support in choosing the best solutions.

The main services in the area of Equity Capital Markets are:

- Structuring and coordination of equity placements (privatisations, listings, private placements)
- Promotion, management and guarantee of capital increases of listed companies
- Coordination of the gathering of subscriptions in Initial Public Offerings
- Issue and placement of equity-linked instruments such as convertible bonds and warrants on behalf of clients

Based on the experience gained in IPOs on the Italian market and given the importance of the after-market in terms of the medium/long-term growth of listed companies, Banca IMI also provides a Corporate Broking service and is currently a key operator on the Italian market in the Specialist & Corporate Broker segment.


Debt Capital Markets

Banca IMI is engaged in the issue of bonds both on the Italian market and on international markets, on behalf of various types of issuers. Thanks to its experience in assessing credit and exchange rate risks and to its permanent relationship with over 800 first-rate professional investors, supported by an effective sales structure (30 dedicated experts based in Italy, mainland Europe, UK and USA*), Banca IMI is able to propose and structure solutions and products effectively and quickly.

Banca IMI plays a key role on the Italian DCM market for:

- Bonds issued by listed or private companies, financial institutions, sovereign states, international organisations and public bodies on the Italian and international market.
- Securitisations
- Consultancy on rating and on asset/liability management
- Consultancy on the drafting and updating of issuance programmes
- Organisation of public offerings of bond products issued by Banca IMI and by other issuers, to be placed with retail and private banking clients both of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and of external networks.



* Parties in the United States should contact Banca IMI Securities Corp. directly

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