If a Customer wishes to present a written complaint, he may do so by addressing and sending it directly to "Ufficio Reclami, Largo Mattioli 3, 20121 Milan (MI) Italy" or he may send it to the following e-mail address:

The Bank must respond within 30 days to complaints related to banking and financial services and transactions, whereas it must respond within 90 days to complaints concerning investment services. In both cases, if the Bank agrees with the Customer, it must communicate the timeframe within which it agrees to resolve the issue; otherwise, it must outline the reasons why it does not accept the complaint.

If, after filing the complaint, the Customer is not satisfied with the outcome or has not received a response by the deadlines provided, the Customer may appeal to the party indicated below, whenever the conditions and requirements provided are met, prior to taking any legal action:

  • in the event of disputes inherent to banking and financial services and transactions, the Banking and Financial Ombudsman ("ABF").  For information on how to contact the ABF and the sphere of its responsibility, the Customer may ask the Bank or consult the site

In the event of attempting mediation proceedings within the terms provided by prevailing laws and regulations, the Customer and the Bank may use, including in the absence of any prior complaint, another entity registered on the special register maintained by the Ministry of Justice and specialized in banking and financial matters.

The list of the mediation entities is available on the site The Practical Guide to the ABF, the rules for the Banking/Legal Ombudsman of the Conciliatore BancarioFinanziario Association, and the operational instructions for the CONSOB Arbitration Chamber are available to Customers on the Bank's Internet site.