Credit Solutions

At its offices in Milan and London and its subsidiary, Banca IMI Securities Corporation, in New York*, Banca IMI employs professionals who boast considerable experience in securitisations and conduit financing, including covered bond programmes and issues. These professionals are also experienced in structuring secured financing and credit risk transfer transactions.
Banca IMI assists its institutional clients with solutions designed to ensure adequate levels of capital and liquidity, and supports them in deleveraging initiatives (through the divestiture of capital intensive assets), capital optimisation transactions, and the active management of credit risks, including solutions for converting non-performing loans into cash.
Banca IMI is also a preferred partner of corporate clients who need to improve their access to credit and their operating ratios by means of a sale of illiquid assets.

* U.S. persons, as defined by the Securities Act of 1933, are advised to contact Banca IMI Securities Corporation directly.