Banca IMI is a reliable, expert and competent partner, capable of supplying a wide array of financial services, such as securities trading/dealing, structured  investments and equity hedging solutions.
In Equity Capital Markets space, Banca IMI is one of the main players in Italy, and has an increasingly important presence abroad through its branch in London and its subsidiary, Banca IMI Securities Corporation, in New York*. Typical transactions include: IPOs, secondary offerings, rights issues, public purchase offers, public exchange offers, accelerated book building (ABB), equity-linked instruments, and equity derivatives on strategic shareholdings.
The team that handles equity financing and stock lending is capable of supplying the best solutions for financing and portfolio optimization, on Italian or foreign securities.
Banca IMI is also among the main Italian issuers of equity-linked products for the retail clients (certificates and covered warrants) and institutional clients.
Through its market-making team, Banca IMI is one of the main liquidity providers for equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs), indexed funds, equities and derivatives on the main European exchanges, committed to price on a continuous basis.
In covering the entire range of listed and over-the-counter derivatives, structured and hybrid products, and proprietary algorithmic strategies, Banca IMI provides insurance companies, banks, funds management companies and other institutional investors with a wide array of solutions for both investment of liquidity, and financial liability management.
A dedicated team assists the Italian and international corporate clientele in the management of strategic and investment equity portfolios. The activities range from the management of buy-backs with traditional or complex (e.g. algorithms and options) instruments, to derivatives for hedging or yield enhancement on the portfolio, through to financing structures (e.g. equity swaps and collar financing).
With its domestic corporate access service, Banca IMI draws on the input of Intesa Sanpaolo's Equity Research team to provide detailed coverage of Italian issuers. The subsidiary, Banca IMI Securities Corporation, a U.S. registered broker/dealer headquartered in New York, supplies a similar service for the benefit of American institutional investors.

Through its innovative Market Hub platform, Banca IMI leverages its access to the listed derivatives market and the principal equity markets worldwide to provide its clientele with dynamic best-execution services. As an acknowledgement of its reliability and performance, the Market Hub platform has consistently ranked at the top of the ASSOSIM classification for the LSE-Borsa Italiana markets.

Finally, Banca IMI organizes seminars and conferences for its clients to address financial topics of significant interest.

* U.S. persons, as defined by the Securities Act of 1933, are advised to contact Banca IMI Securities Corporation directly.

Equity Capital Markets

Supports companies with special equity-related financial needs or seeking a listing.

Equity Cash

Key player in the equity cash market.

Equity Derivatives

Market maker and liquidity provider active in offering a broad range of equity-derivatives products and services.

Corporate Broking

From research and liquidity support to meetings with the investor community, Banca IMI offers a vast range of services for issuers.


Customized investment, financing and equity risk-management solutions.