Fixed Income

Banca IMI offers a vast array of services for sourcing debt capital in Italy and abroad.

It operates as a market maker in the wholesale markets for government securities issued by the main countries in the Euro Area. It is a specialist in Italian government securities (BOT, BTP, BTPei, CCT, CCTeu and CTZ), and is thus a part of a small group of banks selected by the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance for this role. It is a primary dealer in German government securities, Greek government securities, and EFSF bonds.
Banca IMI is also a primary dealer in Italian government bonds on the MTS, and European benchmark securities on the EuroMTS. It is a market maker on the BondVision and TradeWeb platforms for Euro Area securities and on the EuroTLX (multi-lateral trading system with more than 2,000 quoted debt instruments).
As a principal dealer in the European market for interest-rate and inflation derivatives, Banca IMI offers a broad spectrum of products, including caps, floors, and swaptions.
Banca IMI operates in the market for credit products through market making (OTC and electronic markets) in investment-grade, high-yield and structured securities, asset-backed securities (ABS), covered bonds and emerging markets issues.
Sales teams specialized in the different product categories support institutional and corporate clients in the management of interest-rate risk on assets and liabilities, offering a wide range of tailor-made solutions for the management of typical balance-sheet risks and for investment needs.

The Market Hub platform offers trading services for bonds and government securities traded over the counter (using the Market
Hub PIT system) and on the regulated bond markets: MOT-EUROMOT (where Banca IMI has consistently placed at the top of the ASSOSIM ranking) and the Multi-Lateral Trading Facility (MTF) Euro TLX.

Banca IMI organizes conferences, workshops and dedicated training events for the clientele.

Debt Capital Markets

Services for the activity of raising debt capital in the Italian and international markets.

Government Bonds

Market maker for Euro Area government securities with a focus on Italian, German and Greek issues and EFSF/ESM bonds.


One of the most extensive portfolios in the credit products panorama.

Emerging Markets

Specialized in investment in the emerging markets.

Rates Derivatives

Effectively deals in linear derivatives, volatility products and inflation derivatives.

Credit Derivatives

Tailor-made solutions within the credit derivatives segment.

Fixed Income Solutions

An ideal partner for risk management and to handle the financial needs of Italian and foreign corporate and institutional clients.


Effective solutions in the areas of funding, risk management and investments.