Investment Products for distribution

Banca IMI is the ideal partner for intermediaries, such as Italian and foreign banks and financial institutions, who distribute products to private investors. With its dedicated teams and its large portfolio of prospectus, the Bank is able to satisfy the multiple needs of final investors. Banca IMI is furthermore a benchmark in hedging its own securities issues and third-party issues.
Banca IMI is one of Italy's top issuers of bonds, certificates and covered warrants listed on the main financial markets. In its role as market maker/liquidity provider, Banca IMI quotes bid and offer prices so as to allow the investor to efficiently manage investments.
Banca IMI is one of the main players on the MOT and EuroTLX for the trading of its own and third-party bonds, guaranteeing a high-level service and supplying, where possible, liquidity on the largest regulated markets and multi-lateral trading facilities (MTFs).

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One of the main Italian issuers of bonds.


A principal operator in the issuance of certificates.

Structured Asset Management Solutions

A broad array of solutions for fund managers and insurance companies.


Development of products for both funds management and assets under administration able to satisfy demand from private investors.

Legal Documents

The legal documentation for securities where Banca IMI is the Issuer.